Social Search Ltd Manchester Scam

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Social Search Ltd Manchester is a scam, I was tricked by social search ltd into signing up to a MONTHS TRIAL on Googles first page using something other than PPC to get page one in the sponsored links ( more fool me right!) I already do ppc myself (which is what i told the saleman) but he was so convinced that with "social search" being a new arm of the Google machine they had exclusive rights for one company per marketplace to launch into sponsored links directly with google without the additional cost per click, social search promised me this was a one months trial only, eventually stupidly I gave up my card details and went ahead, the moral of the story? if something sounds too good to be true it generally is!

They set me up a ppc campaign with 5 keywords and that was it! my ads were live for around 3 clicks per day and then they were gone! numerous complaints to the technical department about being told this was not a ppc campaign were met with an email back confirming terms and conditions and that I am not due a refund

Bottom line: do not use social search ltd manchester england for marketing services ,. they are a scam

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These people need closing down for good! They have just helped themselves to money from my bank account! Can anybody tell me how I can get it back??

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